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Bollore a leading manufacturer of specialty plastic films for worldwide markets, is proud to serve the US with our advanced line of high performance, cost-effective, Bolphane® multilayer polyolefin Shrink Films. Through the manufacturing and sales facilities of Bollore Inc. in Connecticut, we have embarked upon an ambitious plan to deliver a wide range of shrink packaging films to fit all applications. Bollore is determined to provide an alternative that is a Perfect Fit to the requirements of shrink packaging distributors.

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Bolphane® B30 was developed in particular for applications where economical efficiency as well as performance on high-speed packaging equipment is a must. Its outstanding yield and thin gauge allows for material saving and increases the roll length which provides productivity improvement from less roll changes. Reducing the number of rolls, further allows for saving on storage space and on the disposal costs associated with reduced packaging (pallets, boxes, and cores). Fully recyclable, Bolphane B30 combines today's eco-design trends with lean manufacturing practices.

Bolphane® B30 Ultra Thin Data Sheet

Bolphane® BE is the standard film covering a broad spectrum of applications where a centerfolded film is required. Its strong shrink force makes it a good candidate for multipacking applications.

Bolphane® BE Standard Multi-Purpose Data Sheet

Due to its very good mechanical properties, Bolphane BX is a versatile film, which is able to run on a variety of machines and equipment for all types of applications. Its stiffness and lay flat, combined with good tensile strength make BX the ideal product for multipacking application. Excellent gloss and clarity add to its presence.

Bolphane® BX Standard High Speed Data Sheet

Unique technical properties allow Bolphane BY to give excellent results from manual to automatic high speed machines. High degree of shrinkage, low shrink temperature, good optics and outstanding machinability: Bolphane BY is very versatile and uniquely suited to a large variety of packaging systems and applications.

Bolphane® BY High Performance Data Sheet

Bolphane® BZ is easy to seal and shrink on a wide range of equipment. It's versatility gives you access to the broadest spectrum of products and applications. Excellent optics combined with a high degree of shrink force makes this an excellent high profile/display film. Offers a unique combination of high shrinkage even when operating at low shrink temperatures. The film's toughness provides puncture resistance as well as giving protection and product integrity especially to packages with sharp edges or irregular shapes. High degree of memory prevents distortion and provides a secure package with good appearance.

Bolphane® BZ Tough and Versatile Data Sheet

Bolphane® BFF antifog shrink is the ideal film product for packaging products that are refrigerated to ensure quality. Examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide range of processed foods. The high performance antifog properties found in Bolphane® BFF produce packages with outstanding gloss and clarity for excellent retail shelf appeal. Shrink packaging provides consumer confidence due to product protection and cleanliness. Bollore's exclusive cross-linking process provides Bolphane® BFF with a wide operating window which allows for use on a wide variety of shrink packaging equipment. Crosslinking also increases seal strength and impact resistance. Bolphane® BFF meets the U.S. FDA criteria for food contact.

Bolphane® BFF Antifog Data Sheet

Bolphane® B TTX110 is manufactured from a proprietary cross-linked process and is formulated with high-tech resins - such as the latest generation of metallocenes.

Bolphane® BTTX 110 Superior Strength Data Sheet

Bolphane® BTT+125 is ideally suited for application where high speed packaging equipment is running. Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped items.

Bolphane® BTT+125 High Shrink Data Sheet

Bolphane® BRX is a multilayer, cross-linked, polyolefin soft shrink film. It is soft enough to wrap products that easily distort, but tough enough to package irregularly shaped items. Low temperature properties protect heat-sensitive products. Applications include printed and converted paper products, items packed in lightweight trays and boxes, and softer products. The high free shrink in BRX allows packaging of irregularly-shaped items, and produces the highest quality package aesthetics for shelf appeal. The unique thermal properties of Bolphane® BRX allow for sealing and shrinking at lower temperatures than competitive shrink films. Bollore's exclusive cross-linking process increases the film's strength and toughness, while also providing strong and secure seals. That means wrapping packages in Bolphane® BRX results in greater impact resistance and product protection during shipping and retail display.

Bolphane® BRX Soft Shrink Data Sheet

Bolphane® BYO is formulated to be totally degradable in the environment. At the end of its useful life, it fragments itself and oxidises by effect of light and heat. It becomes then assimilable by the soil micro-organisms, and eventually disappears, leaving only water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The technical characteristics of Bolphane® BYO ensure outstanding result on manual machines as well as on high speed automatic equipment.

Bolphane® BYO Oxo-bio Degradable Data Sheet